Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

flame hill kitchen gardenFLAME HILL KITCHEN GARDEN

If you have never grown your own vegetables, fruit or produce – try it. There is an emotional satisfaction that’s ingrained within our DNA, borne out of sheer necessity by our forebears. Go on, start a herb garden and the food will taste better not only due to the “just picked” freshness, but because you planted, watered, nurtured and harvested. Then … If you have a passion for fine food just like the Flame Hill kitchen team, you will be hooked. Our Flame Hill kitchen garden is at the heart of all we do.

In the beginning there was a herb tank, then another and now the Flame Hill market garden.

Come, dine at Flame Hill, taste our market garden on your table and know where your food and wine comes from.

We are a true paddock-to-plate experience, sourcing ingredients from not only our own farm, but local hinterland providores and southeast Queensland farmers.