6th July 2015

The domestic wine industry and in particular the winery cellar door must surely be the epitome of hospitality. The cellar door – the facility where industry trained staff encourage you, the patron to taste before you purchase is an integral part of almost every winery

Just thirty minutes from the Sunshine Coast world class beach’s, at Flame Hill Vineyard  Western Avenue Montville, the Sunshine Coasts own winery ,the cellar door  is even more – it is EDUTAINMENT – having fun learning the fundamentals of wine, but more importantly facilitating your understanding of your preferred wine type and style.

Working through terminology and arming the consumer with uncomplicated wine confidence so as to fluently communicate on the topic and thereby getting what they seek in their glass is the outcome. Remember it is as simple as what YOU want to drink and being able to articulate that to a provider.

In the perfect world the patron then thinks about what wine they want to drink – what they want to eat with that wine –  then judges the outcome. You are then on the way to being an expert on your palate, and the quality of your epicurean experiences will  go through the roof.

At Flame Hill we do tastings of up to eight wines in the cellar for small groups, larger groups of up to twelve patrons in the Board Room, and for thirteen plus there is a great estate grown wine and regional cheese experience called the TASTE OF FLAMEHILL. All models are designed to EDUTAIN the patron.

The most common pitfalls for the novice are many confuse a tasting with a drink –  confuse sweet with  the natural fruit flavour  – do not realise wine is designed to be drunk with food – do not understand a Merlot for example from interstate has little in common with one from the local region.  Over two thirds of folk who visit local wineries have never done so previously. The moral of the story is try all wines with an open mind, not all at once though or you may confuse yourself.

Take a bottle or three home, try them with recommended fair in your environment and you the consumer will come to appreciate and understand the winery cellar door

At Flame Hill we do it all – vineyard – winemaking  – sales –  thereby closing the gap between Vineyard and Winery/ Winery and Cellar Door, bringing the full experience – the Romance of wine you the consumer.

The Flame Hill Cellar Door currently has two Chardonnays and the Deck Restaurant has three. The former are from the same vineyard , same block, but one is fermented in stainless tank tank and the other in new French Oak Barrels. The outcome remarkable diversity and wines that have little in common other than the paternal vines. This is a wonderful opportunity to hands on experience wine with and without winemaker intervention.The ultimate result is kinesthetic  learning that remains with the consumer.