Deck Dining Summer 2020


Bakery – 15

Flame Hill breads with truffle butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Flame Hill Kondalilla Sparkling White


Charcuterie Board   – 32

Selection of Locally sourced Meats & Cheeses including Smoked Brisket, Prosciutto, Bresaola & Smoked Chicken

Served with Toasted Sourdough

Flame Hill Barbera


Taste of Summer – 16

Salad of Smoked Beetroot, Muhammara, Freekeh & ‘Little White’ Goats Cheese Fetta

Flame Hill Viognier


Salt Fish Fritters – 18

Served with Cauliflower Pannacotta, Salmon Roe & Lemon Aioli

Flame Hill Assemblage


Rabbit Terrine – 18

Rabbit & Pistachio Terrine with Roasted Pears & Red Wine Vinegar

Flame Hill Pinot Gris


Beef Tartar – 16

Pickled Mustard Seeds, Siracha Mayonnaise & Endive

Flame Hill Bambino




Fish – 34

Mooloolaba Catch of The Day with Lemon Butter Sauce, Potato cake and Sautéed Greens

Flame Hill Assemblage


Pork – 36

Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder served Fondant Potato, Apple Puree & Crackling

Flame Hill Kurrajong Cabernet Sauvignon 


Beef – 36

Flame Hill Black Angus Beef served with Potato Mash, Onion Rings & Flame Hill Red Wine Jus

Flame Hill Traprock Shiraz


Mushroom Tart – 28

Selection of sautéed Mushrooms, local Goats Cheese Feta on Puff Pastry garnished with Mushroom Mousse

Flame Hill Kurrajong Merlot


Sides – 10

 Flame Hill Garden Salad of the day

Flame Hill Steamed Greens

Smoked Potatoes with Aioli




Sweet Indulgence – 15

Chocolate Mousse

Salted Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Soil & Maleny Vanilla Ice Cream

Flame Hill Muscat


Textures of Strawberry

Strawberry Parfait with Dehydrated & Fresh Strawberries

Flame Hill Wild Child


Vanilla & Coffee Pannacotta

Chocolate Soil, Espresso Ice-cream & Milk Foam

Flame Hill Muscat


          Two – 24

Three – 32                Five – 45

Cheeses served with matching condiments, crackers, and dried figs As with any food group, it is essential to consider the aroma, texture, flavour and acidity of each cheese whenselecting the most suitable wine accompaniment. Generally, the whiter and brighter the cheese – the crisperand lighter the wine. The darker and harder the cheese – the fuller and richer the wine. The most commonmistake can be the pairing of one wine with several cheese styles.  Epicurean logic prevails at Flame Hill andwe offer singular Australian cheese styles, each with a matching wine from the Flame Hill range.

Maleny Creamy Brie

Maleny Creamy Brie – Made with pure ingredients and European craftsmanship, Maleny Cheese products delight for their quality and taste. Naturally delicious, our speciality cheeses provide a taste of Sunshine Coast hinterland’s rolling green hills. Maleny Brie has one portion of cream, with a buttery taste

Flame Hill Summersalt


Maleny Camembert

Maleny Camembert – Made with pure ingredients and European craftsmanship, Maleny Cheese products delight for their quality and taste. Naturally delicious, our speciality cheeses provide a taste of Sunshine Coast hinterland’s rolling green hills. Maleny Camembert has no cream added with a fresh mushroom like flavour

Flame Hill Fiano


Maleny Smoked Vintage Cheddar

Maleny hand-crafted cheddar. A strong, oven-smoked flavoured mature cheddar, aged for three years,rich and creamy. Best accompanied with our homemade fig paste.

Flame Hill Kurrajong Shiraz


Kenilworth Creamy Blue

Is a soft, smooth and creamy cheese styled on the northern Italian style soft blues.

It will delight in its balanced flavours with the unmistakable finish of a blue cheese.

Tawny Port


Kenilworth Tuscany Romano

An Italian styled Queensland cheese, slightly fruity with a strong after taste. This full flavoured crumble style has an open texture with a sharp distinctive flavour.  Suited to those who appreciate indulgence in fine cheeses.

Flame Hill Kurrajong Cabernet Sauvignon


Restaurant Wine List

White Wine                                                        Bottle                         Glass


Pinot Gris 2019                                                     40                                12

Crispness with texture – minerality with texture. White peach – corella pear – baby white roses.


Sauvignon Blanc 2019                                     40                                12

Text book varietal with a hint fresh clover. Aromatics and palate dominated by tropical fruits, passionfruit a feature with a nuance of citrus. Elegant texture, a kiss of cedar & spice due to part fermentation in French oak puncheons.


The Assemblage 2018                                       38                                11

An assemblage of aromatics, majorly Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Gris in concert with minor performers. Delicate native flower nuances a feature. A Benchmark texture with seamless acidity tendon connected to a sally lime conclusion. A Blanc with Bicep fit for purpose with Hot Smoked tuna & Flame Hill Sorrel Oil.


Fiano 2018                                                           40                                12

Tingling Acidity – Chalky minerality. Aromas of Cider – Marmalade – Elderflowers


Montville Verdelho 2019                              45                                13

An exercise in tropical fruit & quince aromatics in glass with trademark clover nuances peering through the curtain.  Lip smacking crisp citrus tones balanced by a lingering flint acidity.  Essential drinking with Flame Hill Prawn, Garlic, & fresh garden herb handmade Pasta


Viognier 2018                                                    35                                10        

Fresh lively apricot and cumquat blossom bouquet. Organically complex citrus- musk – blonde tobacco- native honey palate. Gentle acid on the horizon. Drinks at its best with Flame Hill Guinea Hen & Stone fruit sauce.


Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2017                     40                                12

Creamy white nectarines and citrus palate with cedary French Oak on the horizon. Red wine drinkers white.


Traprock Chardonnay 2017                                        50                                14

Small parcels of outstanding fruit – celebration wine – perfect with Flame Hill Crispy Skin Snapper


Summersalt                                                                     35                                10

Perfect for a sunny summer afternoon- a wave of late harvest Muscat Blanc underpinned with a reef of Mendoza Chardonnay. Aromatics meets body & texture. Off dry by design for an exotic green curry or creamy blue cheese


Sparkling Wines

Kondalilla Sparkling White                                           50                                N/A

Riesling based bone dry sparkling wine.  The perfect starter in a glass.


Obi Sparkling Red                                                               50                                N/A

A concert of Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot in a Black Cherry Veil.  Packed with aromas of spice, plums & dark forest berries.  Drink for a red wine lover


Red Wine                                                                   Bottle                         Glass

Bambino 2019                                                                 40                                12

A Rose of rare pedigree – Barbera et al. A lip smacking concert of everything strawberry, modest tannin, a natural acidic spine with a glance of fresh herbs on conclusion. Drink with Flame Hill Goats Cheese Soufflé.

Barbera 2017                                                                     42                                13

A black mulberry conspiracy of glazed cherry, exotic spice & dried strawberry.  Bursting with personality, great length, bright sweet fruit with fresh sage & rosemary peering through.


Kurrajong Cabernet Sauvignon 2016                     38                                11

A text book example of cool climate Cabernet.  Quintessentially distinctive, full bodied with sweet black current and fresh tobacco, ample tannin and a tight structure.  Derived from our duo of distinctly different Cabernet Sauvignon blocks at our Kurrajong Vineyard.  A perfect accompaniment to Flame Hill Rare Smoked Beef Brisket.


Traprock Cabernet Sauvignon 2016                      55                                15

Traprock is an ancient soil at our Kurrajong Vineyard.  The term is derived from the almost impenetrable base rock that would trap the tools of early miners.  An appropriate descriptor of benchmark small batch wines from fruit identified as outstanding.  A superb wine for a social celebration.  Drink with Aged Smoked Cheddar and House made Cabernet Paste.


Kurrajong Merlot 2016                                                 38                                11

A complex wine from the Pumpkin Patch block at the Kurrajong Vineyard – aromas of ripe black mulberry leading to dark forest fruits, stewed bush plums, sweet cedar, the signature lingering mocha conclusion & a whiff of smallgoods.  All in harmony.  At its best with Flame Hill Venison Rump & Mulberry Jus.


Razorback                                                                        38                                11

The Flame Hill Razorback res like its namesake the Wild Razorback Boar is an outcome of evolution –  borne from a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz – like the Boar it can excel in any company and survive most epicurean situations.  Balanced pristine dark and red fruits framed with French Oak – essential company with a Flame Hill Station Black Angus Sirloin – gutsy wine for gutsy fare


Kurrajong Shiraz 2016                                                40                                12

Briar and French Oak cedar – luscious berries and silky tannins – contemporary old vine style – cool climate pepper.


Montville Shiraz 2017                                               45                                13

A Rhone style Shiraz of rare balance, poise and organic elegance. Desiccated apricot, coffee, blood plums, and Northern African Spice. Briary- Musky undertones with a velvet conclusion. Complex and lip smacking with Peking Duck


Traprock Shiraz 2016                                                 55                                15

From fruit classified as outstanding, from ancient vines and matured in new French Oak – perfect with Flame Hill Station Black Angus Rump


Reserve Shiraz 2010 Cellar Back Vintage Release             85                                N/A

Dark broody forest fruits – peppery red currants – spice and chocolate – blend of our two Vineyards in a glass.

Wild Child 2016                                                               38                                11

An off dry Moscato to satisfy all.




Fortified Wine                                        Bottle                         Glass

Muscat                                                       55                                 10

Fruit cake – butterscotch – dried apricot – citrus rind and native honey

Barrel Port                                               N/A                                 8.50     (80ml)

Shiraz based – primary fruit – perfect with cheese

Tawny Port                                               55                                 10      (80ml)

Pre Aged style reeking of sweet fruit – Christmas cake. Simply divine with Sticky Fig Pudding


Beer – Coopers                                   9.00


Non- Alcoholic Beverage List

Coffee                                       5.5

Short Black / Long Black / Flat White / Cappuccino / Latte / Mocha / Macchiato /

Chai Latte / Hot Chocolate

Double Shot Upgrade               6

Tea                                           4.5

Earl Grey / English Breakfast / Chai / Chamomile / Peppermint / Green & Jasmine

Something Softer                5.5

Wild One Organic Selection

Sparkling Water                    15

Capi – Sparkling Water 750ml