Sinclair Cottage

Sinclair Cottage

22nd May 2015


A short while ago the ten acres of elevated street frontage on the Southern boundary of the Flame Hill aggregation was offered to our owner Tony Thompson by the Sinclair family. To use the Sinclair’s terminology “ We saw in Flame Hill a genuine authenticity and vision that would appreciate and respect the sole remaining rural holding of our family”. . . . .

That trust has been well founded, with the existing cottages currently undergoing careful renovation to maintain their character and heritage. This property was firstly a dairy and more recently a beef cattle enterprise – that has not changed under the Flame Hill stewardship with black angus cattle  grazing contentedly in the pastures.

The jewel in the crown of this property is the original cottage  –  built in the 20s and resided in by Vince and Betty Sinclair. This cottage will forever be known as “ Sinclair Cottage” as a tribute to the family, particularly Vince and Betty .

Vince who passed away recently after some 86 years, was a war veteran, and one of the original pioneers . He was a keen sportsman and a motivated man even in his senior years. The bullock hide floor rugs in the refurbished cottage a tribute to Vince’s love of his cattle. Sinclair Cottage will always be Vince and Bettys home – that has not changed

From the patina on the polished hard wood floors to Betty’s  Hupfeld piano, this residence speaks of being more than an abode – it is a home where people lived, loved, and laughed . That will continue with the cottage and cottages being used by the “FRIENDS OF FLAMEHILL” for all the same reasons –  that will not change.

The existing orchard with ancient citrus, mulberry’s and pecans is being expanded and the family  veggie patch increased to commercial standard to service the Flame Hill kitchen. A healthy crop of Queensland Blue pumpkins , and organic sweet potato has already been harvested and will feature this winter on the Flame Hill Restaurant menu – little has changed, just embellished.

The magnificent Morton Bay Figs stand as perpetual monuments in the pasture paddocks. The white May bush and the mauve Agapanthus lilies remain in the house garden surrounding Sinclair Cottage. The old cast iron bath tub remains as the stock water receptacle for the small top paddock. Flame trees have been planted on the boundaries and a bore installed for water security. Not a lot has changed.

At FlameHill we take nothing for granted, including our role as custodians of the some 300 acre Montville aggregation, which now includes this stunning ten acre acquisition. The FlameHill ethos of authenticity, sustainability, genuine hospitality and real sharing is what has changed – the  unique amalgam of people, property and circumstances that is FlameHill and all it has to offer is far to wonderful not to be shared.

Sinclair Cottage receives it first group of visitors on the June long weekend, the 6th, 7th & 8th – a group of Brisbane ladies – “Girls on the Avenue” …………… Western Avenue.

We can’t wait to share it with these patrons and all who follow after



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