19th May 2015

As part of the Autumn Terrace Menu Flame Hill has launched THE FHB (Flame Hill Burger)


This is the real deal paddock to plate – bullock to barbeque experience.


“The Gourmet Beef Burger always sells out at the STOMP each year and we wanted to offer a hot food option on the Terrace that was convenient for the patron but classic Flame Hill” said Chef Adam Lugg.


“With all the attributes to attract burger addicts but still truly gourmet – a genuine farmers market in a pumpkin bun”


“Who else in the world of food breeds their own burger – Flame Hill is always going to be authentic but that is genuinely unique” said Adam.


Flame Hill is not just a restaurant, not just a vineyard/winery and cellar door but also a working beef cattle property that caters for the restaurant requirements.


Owner and founder Tony Thompson said” We are very fortunate to have a kitchen lead by Adam that can manage whole 300kg plus dressed bullocks and commercially utilize all cuts”


Deconstructed the FHB consists of beef( 100% Flame Hill Angus Grass Fed), born and breed in the pea green hills of Montville – the pumpkin bun is produced on site using QLD Blue’s from the garden – the house made beetroot relish from the garden – the aged cheddar from the Mary Valley. Even the tomato relish on the side has not been outside the farm gate.


Of course the FHB is not complete without a glass of Kurrajong Shiraz. The pristine dark and red fruit and the peppery finish make it the accompaniment from epicurean heaven.


At Flame Hill “We know where our food and wine comes from”.