The passion and the romance – Flame Hill Montville Vineyard and Kurrajong Lyra Vineyard conspire to provide a spectrum of estate grown wines in our Cellar Door and dining facilities.

The romance of wine is the ardent, emotional attachment between the land, the season, and the people, that despite common adversity, the passion and dedication collaborate positively, much like the romance of life.

The variable seasons keep the romance challenging but exciting…sound familiar?

Each grape variety, like each one of us, possesses its own individual romance – some more – some less – some feminine - some masculine – so ladies, take care that you are with someone you love if you stroll down under the big Camphor Laurel tree at Flame Hill – the Verdelho wines are all around you whispering “Go on and kiss him” – you won't be able to resist the romance of the wine.


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